Summer Session Registration – NOW CLOSED

Fall registration will open on July 27th at 9:00 AM

If we are unable to hold classes due to COVID-19 all purchases will be refunded. Please note we will be following the latest Erie County, and New York State guidance for our Covid-19 procedures.

Participants are eligible to sign up for a class as long as they are turning the minimum age of that level by the time the session ends.  For example, for a 6-year-old to be eligible for our Summer Session Age 7-9 classes they must turn 7 on or before August 22nd.  For a 9-year-old to be eligible for our Spring Session Age 10-11 classes, they must turn 10 on or before June 13th. If participants do not turn the minimum age of a class level before the end of the session they are registering for, we ask them to please register for the appropriate level.

CANCELLATIONS: In order to cancel a registration and receive a refund for a class, you must request a class cancellation and refund 7 days prior to the start of the session.

First Tee – Western New York Playing Opportunities Overview

First Tee – Western New York Playing Opportunities are designed to provide additional golf and life skill experiences outside of the First Tee Program class times. There are different opportunities for players of different skill levels and each provides the learning experience for participants to transfer what they are learning in First Tee class to the golf course setting. Each playing opportunity will have a minimal additional fee to cover greens fees.

ON-COURSE LEARNING EXPERIENCE: This opportunity is designed for participants who want to play holes on the golf course. These will be held at a variety of courses in Rochester and Buffalo on set days to provide the opportunity for participants to play on the golf course outside of their registered class time. A First Tee – WNY Coach will supervise groups and participants will play as many holes in a 2-hour window. You can expect your child to apply all of the concepts taught in class and additional golf course etiquette like pace of play and keeping score.

SUGGESTED SKILL LEVEL: Beginner – Intermediate

FAMILY NIGHTS: This opportunity is designed for participants and a parent, grandparent or adult of their choosing to play in a fun, low-stress, alternate-shot style format on the golf course. Participants are able to work with an adult and showcase their skills while enjoying the company of a family member and another First Tee family. Teams consist of one adult and one First Tee participant that sign up to play 9-holes together.

SUGGESTED SKILL LEVEL: Beginner – Advanced

PARENT-CHILD TOURNAMENTS: This opportunity is designed to provide participants and a parent, grandparent or adult of their choosing to play in a competitive alternate-shot style format. Teams are expected to keep accurate score and turn in their scorecard at the end of their play. Teams are also expected follow more of the etiquette and rules of golf learned at First Tee class and other First Tee Playing Opportunities.

SUGGESTED SKILL LEVEL: Beginner – Advanced

DONOVAN CUP TOURNAMENT SERIES: This opportunity is to provide an introduction to tournament golf. Participants play 9-holes against other First Tee – WNY participants as a stepping stone for more competitive junior events like the WNYPGA Junior Tour and BDGA/RDGA junior tournaments events. Participants are expected to know how to keep score, follow the rules including penalty
areas, and play in an acceptable amount of time.

SUGGESTED SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate- Advanced

First Tee – Western New York Playing Opportunities Schedule


Rochester Schedule
Thursday, July 14 – Churchville Golf Course @ 1:30pm
Monday, July 18 – Genesee Valley Golf Course @ 12:30pm
Monday, August 1 – Genesee Valley Golf Course @ 12:30pm
Thursday, August 11 – Churchville Golf Course @ 1:30pm
Monday, August 15 – Genesee Valley Golf Course @ 12:30pm

Buffalo Schedule
Thursday, July 14 – Bob O Link @ 3pm
Thursday, July 21 – Brighton Golf Course @ 2:30pm
Thursday, July 28 – Bob O Link @ 3pm
Thursday, August 11 – Bob O Link @ 3pm


Rochester Schedule
Friday, July 22 – Genesee Valley Golf Course @ 5pm
Friday, August 5 – Churchville Golf Course @ 5pm
Friday, August 19 – Genesee Valley Golf Couse @ 5pm

Buffalo Schedule
Friday, July 22 – Elma Meadows Golf Course @ TBD
*Tuesday, August 9 – Bob O Link @ 7pm (NIGHT GOLF)
Friday, August 19 – Elma Meadows Golf Course @ TBD


Rochester Schedule
Friday, September 9 – Churchville Golf Course @ 5pm
Buffalo Schedule
Friday, August 5 – Grover Cleveland @ TBD
*Monday, August 22 – Bob O Link @ 7pm (NIGHT GOLF)


Friday, July 15 – Elma Meadows Golf Course @ 12pm
Friday, July 29 – Terry Hills Golf Course @ 12pm
Friday, August 12 – Morgan’s Crossing @ 2pm
Saturday, September 17 – Brighton Golf Course @ 1pm

Danielle Downey Junior Clinic – Monday, July 11 at Brook-Lea Country Club @ 8am

Chapter Programs at Golf Courses

The First Tee uses golf to teach youth life lessons and leadership skills. Sessions include a fun, group setting for youth ages 7 to 18 regardless of background or previous experience. Teaming up with experts in positive youth development, The First Tee helps youth become good golfers and even better people.

The First Tee coaches are trained to create positive relationships that inspire youth to discover their individual potential. Our programs help young people build confidence, develop respect and appreciate the value of giving back to our community all while learning the lifelong sport of golf.

A Youth Program Unlike Any Other

At First Tee – Western New York, we’re Building Game Changers by empowering kids and teens to be the best version of themselves.

By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with character-building, we create learning experiences that help kids uncover their inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that they can carry to everything they do.

Our trained coaches not only provide an introduction to junior golf and an opportunity to enhance golf skills, but they also create a safe, supportive, and empowering environment to help your child prepare for life ahead, including friendships, school, college and even their careers.

Through our program, kids will learn skills that stay with them for life:

  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Setting up step-by-step goals
  • Planning for the future
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Golf fundamentals and advanced techniques

Advancing through the First Tee Program:

At each age group, participants engage with the 5 Key Commitments: Pursuing Goals, Growing through Challenge, Collaborating with Others, Building Positive Self-Identity, and Using Good Judgement, while focusing on mastering golf fundamentals and building upon a golf skill foundation as they advance within the program.

Age 7-9

  • Be active and have fun with peers in a safe and encouraging manner
  • Build inner strength and self-confidence
  • Learn to play golf
  • Focus on building relationships with other players while exploring the game of golf

Age 10-11

  • Explore character concepts in active and collaborative ways that are valuable on and off the course
  • Develop golf skills and enthusiasm for the game
  • Support positive Game Changing behaviors in fun and meaningful ways

Age 12-13

  • Explore both golf skills and characters commitments while having fun with peers
  • Provide opportunities to demonstrate mastery and growth in golf skills and abilities
  • Support growth and development of early adolescents

Age 14+

  • Build character and support personal development
  • Develop additional golf skills and abilities
  • Look toward their future and plan their own paths
  • Evaluate, reflect, and apply their understanding of life and golf skills to new situations on and off the course

The Power of Relationships

“I consider my coaches at The First Tee to be some of the most important mentors I had growing up.” –alumnus